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Do we really need more conversations about race in America? The progressive mainstream media, politicians, and activists have been fanning the flames of race since August when a police officer killed a man who had just strong-armed robbed a local store and who refused to get out of the middle of the street when confronted by the officer inside his patrol car. This is not a column about that incident.
 Some justify fanning the flames of racism and dividing our nation along racial lines by referring to conversations they have "had" to have with their sons about how they should relate to police. I never had any conversation with our sons about how they should relate to police. Nevertheless, I had multiple conversations supported with spankings to persuade both sons they should respect authority.
 When our sons were young, I told them I would only spank them for two wrongs: disrespecting authority or lying. I did not differentiate between black or white or any other color of authority. For all other offenses, we instituted "time outs" or some other means of correction.
We need more conversations about respect for authority, and not just with our children. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, yet many in Washington violate their own oaths of office by committing unconstitutional acts for personal gain with impunity. These unconstitutional acts teach our young people there are no repercussions for disobedience; that, in fact, disobedience in the name of protesting a wrong or "doing what's right" is wholly justified to the point of burning, looting, and destroying others' personal property. "It's a right!"
Do two wrongs make a right? Does any injustice justify looting, burning, or destroying others' property? Does the congress's lack of action justify the president's unconstitutional action of changing or disregarding laws he is constitutionally bound to execute? There is a parallel here.
America does not have a race problem. America has a respect problem. And our problem with respect, or lack thereof, goes as high as the White House and Congress down to the smallest neighborhoods in poor urban areas. When the president or members of congress violate the Constitution in the name of "doing what's right," they are justifying unlawful behavior. They discard the authority of the Constitution in favor of making themselves the ruling authorities. Our Founders rejected the authority of rulers in favor of the authority of law.
Unfortunately, many in Washington, including President Obama, believe they are rulers who are above the law, who have authority to do what they believe is right without due regard for the very document, the Constitution, that grants or restrains authority in three branches of federal government, the states, and the people.
What happens when those in Washington violate the Constitution? Nothing yet. That's why we have elections. If elections ever stop, we'll have a revolution. The last three national elections have dramatically and historically changed representation in Washington. After the 2008 election, Democrats controlled 60 seats in the Senate and 255 seats in the House. In January 2015, Democrats will control only 46 seats in the Senate and 188 seats in the House.
American voters are fed up with arrogant rulers in Washington who fail to respect the Constitution. We're fed up with progressive mainstream media, politicians and activists who justify lawlessness and disregard for the authority of law.

Daniel L. Gardner
Starkville, Mississippi
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