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General fund budget in trouble
If you have a
Letter to the Editor,
please send it to:
P.O. Box 430
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handwritten signature of its author.
Alabama’s general fund budget is coming up short of about $260 million and our state is facing federal court orders to reduce prison overcrowding, which means we must build more prisons. Then there is the continuing rising costs of Medicaid and other programs within the general fund budget.
Gov. Robert Bentley has been sending out some of the options that he is considering to propose to the 2015 state legislative session to gain feedback from both of the state legislative bodies or chambers and the general public/citizens.
One of his proposals would eliminate the federal income tax and social security tax deductions from the Alabama income tax completely for all Alabama taxpayers. This move would add about $260 million in additional revenue for the state.
Another proposal is to expand gambling in Alabama, which would be dead-on-arrival in both chambers of our legislature. Years ago one of our wise governors, Fob James, set up a trust fund for Alabama’s future called the Alabama Trust Fund in hopes that all future governors and legislators would keep it growing and only use it wisely to build up Alabama’s economic and necessary needs with the interests it gained.
But, politicians’ greed for re-election and power has constantly raided this Alabama Trust Fund to give state employees, including teacher pay raises, every two or four years just to get re-elected and also to give the state legislators pay raises one or two times over this period, while overspending state revenue. This resulted in years of proration, which caused all state budgets and departments cuts in funding.
In short, I think they asked voters, not only two years ago to raid this trust fund to cover shortfalls in the state budget, but to repair roads and bridges and this year too, asking voters to raid it yet again to repair or build new national guard buildings.
In all of these raids, they promised to repay the trust fund, yet not one penny that I know of has been repaid. Cut spending! Find ways to put more money into our economy.
As a working class Republican who is living just slightly about the federal poverty level, I’m writing in opposition to Gov. Bentley’s proposal to eliminate federal and social security tax deductions from Alabama’s state income tax. Alabama already has one of the highest state income tax rates in the United States. Why move the state into the highest rates at the expense of the poor working class citizens?
Most average working class citizens rarely ever see a pay raise, yet government employees from the federal to the state, county and city levels have seen pay raises about every four years or sometimes more often, depending on the size of the cities, etc.
Personally, I feel that working class citizens should be exempt from paying taxes on the first 200 to 250 percent of the federal poverty level income that they earn.
I also propose that Alabama will allow employers a 100 percent deduction on all $1 per hour wage increases for their employees, which should generate additional tax revenues from income taxes to sales taxes due to more income being placed in the hands of Alabama citizens.
Write or call your state legislators to oppose this move.
Scotty K. Burleson

Sen. Paul Bussman-District 4
State House
Room 729
11 S. Union Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130
Office phone: 1-334-242-7855
Business phone: 1-256-734-1700

Sen. Greg Reed-District 5
State House
Room 734
11 S. Union Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130
Office phone: 1-334-242-7894
District Office: 900 Hwy. 78 East
Suite 200 Box 106
Jasper, Alabama 35501

Sen. Larry Stutts-District 6
State House
Room 735
11 S. Union Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130
Office phone: 334-242-7800

Rep. Ken Johnson-District 7
Office phone: 1-334-242-7754
Home phone: 1-256-974-5175 or
Office phone: 1-332-242-7600
Home phone: 1-205-384-4357
Cell phone: 205-712-4368
Mail address: 1175 Helicon Road
Arley, Alabama 35541

Rep. Mike Millican-District 17
Office Phone: 334-242-7534 or
Home Phone: 205-921-3214
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