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It is almost time again to start collecting for the upcoming school year for our backpack ministry for our elementary school students.  I am so sorry that I am this late thanking everyone for your support for the last school year. I sort of let things go at our house, and we had to play catch-up.
To the employees of Masonite, we are forever grateful and looking forward to the coming year.  To the area churches, individuals, other businesses and the workers who have been so faithful to pack, kudos.  
We are so grateful that school has allowed us to implement this program.  We love to see the children come out on Friday mornings to meet the white van to help unload the bags.
We were able to help 66 students on weekends plus snacks for all three schools.  This coul not have been possible without you as a community.  We will probably start taking bags to the school around Labor Day.
To God be the glory, and remember, folks, it takes a village, and we have the best village in the state.

Backpack Beacons
Littleville Methodist Church
I am not going to complicate this letter by trying to explain thousands of laws of America or the Supreme Court.  We would have to attend law school to maybe understand just a few of those laws and how the Supreme Court has made so many unspeakable laws here in America.  
In my opinion, some of their laws have helped or may be in the process of destroying morals in America, and these rules and changes are never explained to students in public schools as to why these laws are passed or if they are helpful laws for the citizens of America.  As far as I know, they have not been talked about to the students by school officials, explained that they are only laws which need not change what you have been taught so far as your choice of religion.  Laws made by government officials.  It is very interesting.
One does not really have to have attended law school to become a Supreme Court Justice.  Whoever sits on the Supreme Court is decided politically.  To impeach a Supreme Court Justice is almost impossible.  They sit for a lifetime if they wish.  That is power.  The Chief Justice receives a salary of $258,100 annually.  The other eight justices average $246,800 annually.
Samuel Chase, Supreme Court Justice, was impeached March 12, 1804, by the House of Representatives because of arbitrary and oppressive conduct at trials.  He was later acquitted by the U.S. Senate on March 1, 1805.  As far as I can learn, Mr. Chase is the only justice ever impeached, if you can call what happened to him impeachment.
The Supreme Court and others have given us the legal right to terminate human life, by the millions.  Also, to ingest exactly the kind of entertainment one chooses - slasher movies, explicit sexual movies, very sick theater which cannot be mentioned in this letter - and then the law can say these things are not offensive to the human spirit, not at all.  Some study has decided just that.  I wonder at times what do we expect of a generation who has been taught just that, who have cut their teeth on unmentionable entertainment even right in their own homes.  Right to do so; I?can’t argue against that.
Now a date can mean a movie and dinner.  Human see, human do.  Just say something about anything, like that it is always “got that right.”
I understand veterans of the Iraq war are now committing suicide at the rate of about 15 a day, partly because of the horrific things they witnessed at war.
One written commandment of the Bible most of all has been put aside...”Thou Shall Not Kill.”  The Supreme Court and others have said, “No, it’s alright to kill.  You have the right now.  We just gave it to you.”  The definition of the word law is ‘a system of rules that a particular community or country recognizes as regulating the action of its members, and the state has the right to enforce those laws by the imposition of penalties.’
I could have worked much harder on this letter - polished it up, used prettier words.  I thought better of that.  It is what it is.  One can hide the dirt behind pretty words and law.  It still is what it is, as one of our presidents learned.  How can America change, I have no idea.  I can see no way because all the above is law of the land in “our” America the Beautiful.

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