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I believe we may see a ray of sunshine concerning Mr. Donald J. Trump regardless of his bourgeois attitude
at times.
In my opinion, he speaks “out loud” what many Americans are thinking, and what so many other politicians
who are afraid to speak of for fear of rocking the boat.
And now when Mr. Trump dares speak out loud the truth, well many of those so-called sensible politicians
poo-poo him. Not so fast.
I have so many times written about it. I thought why are we subsidizing foreign countries where many of the
leaders and most of those country people are obviously rich countries and get free  military protection from our
wonderful soldier boys. Free. Are these countries too stupid to defend themselves or what? Or, would we all
like a deal like that? Let someone else do the killing, not my forte
Why should my taxes go to rich foreign countries when my father at times worked at a sawmill to where his
family could have a decent life. Now his children’s tax money is going to subsidizing foreign lands.
Why should one cent of my tax money go overseas when we have Americans, thousands of Americans,
including veterans, homeless. Why when even if one American is homeless and when even one American child
goes hungry and does not have medical care because there is no money to fund it. Yet, there is money to send
to rich countries across the seas? Why is this?
Now this, the strange thing to me is this, I hear Americans griping about the poor American getting even one
food stamp or free anything. Well I wonder why I never hear ‘Why  is Americans sending pounds of money to
subsidize rich countries who eat caviar or can eat a plenty of most anything when we have hungry Americans
right under our noses?
Why don’t we feed our own hungry before feeding, over feeding, other countries.
Just this, I am truly sorry anyone on earth must go hungry. Most of foreign aid does not go to feed the hungry
is the thing.
Now Donald is saying some of these things out loud. I believe we must take care of our own poor, homeless,
hungry Americans first. They might as well have it as rich kings.
As my dear sainted mother used to say, “Charity begins at home and then abroad.” That is what Mr. Trump is
trying to say. It is not very popular with some who have been eating so to speak “high on the hog” and God
bless to us all.
Nadine Overstreet