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Baldwin says thank you to friends
Please leave flowers on my daddy’s grave
Thank you Double Springs for your kindness
If you have a
Letter to the Editor,
please send it to:
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Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Allin Bailey and his wonderful staff at Gateway Supermarket in Double Springs for the beautiful cake they baked for me for my recent 92nd birthday.  They have always been so kind to my wife, Jeanette, and I through the years on our birthdays and our wedding anniversary (we have been married for 72 years,) and their kindness is and always has been truly appreciated.
I also want to wholeheartedly thank Double Springs Elementary third grade teacher Leah Cobb for the basket of goodies she sent to me for my birthday.  It was wonderful, and thoroughly enjoyed.


Jack Baldwin
Double Springs
I would like to see if someone could help me concerning a problem at County Line Cemetery.
My daddy, Cecil Aldridge, was buried there in 2008. I was told the flowers would be removed from the grave to mow. I had a vase pot on the tomb and I also put a shepard’s rod up against the tomb to keep my flowers from being removed when the cemetery was mowed.
Every time I put flowers on the grave, within a few weeks the flowers are removed. I have talked to the previous pastor several times and asked that my flowers be left alone. My husband has talked to a church member, and he was told my flowers would not be moved.
It is really sad to pull up to a cemetery and not a single flower is in sight. If you are a member of County Line Church, PLEASE let me know what I can do for my flowers to stay on my daddy’s grave. If they are truly in the way of mowing in a vase and a shepard’s rod, let me know, and I will come and hold the flowers while you mow. Please just leave them alone.
Darlene Durham
Dear editor,
On Sunday, June 8, 2014, a friend and I experienced Double Springs, Alabama. We started our day with a simple Harley ride from Birmingham, and it became a day event with us headed to the Bankhead National Forest. Right before entering into Bankhead, the Harley stopped running, and we ended up at the Free State Chevron.
Immediately, people started asking how they could help. We were totally amazed at the friendliness and the caring of the people there. We felt welcome in a community where we were not known.
As I sat there and watched the community interact with us. I wondered where in the world two people could feel so welcome. I don’t believe there is another place on earth that could compare to Double Springs, Alabama. What a great community!
In particular, I would like to thank Daniel Nix, Eddy Shipman, and all of the very kind employees at the Free State Chevron. We were stranded in a place that was unknown to us, but we felt like we knew everyone.
In the end, Eddy stopped what he was doing that Sunday afternoon, loaded the Harley on a trailer and took us home to Birmingham. The community of Double Springs turned our day into one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. Thank you Double Springs.
Lyn Cook
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