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Discrimination cuts one way
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Buzzwords like “discrimination” are interesting, because they nearly always cut one way. In today’s America, “protected classes” can sue individuals and businesses for discrimination; but individuals and businesses cannot protect themselves from those who discriminate against them.
The past two weeks "discrimination" has replaced "racist" as the word used to vilify anyone challenging the "rights" of radical left-wing zealots. In the names of "fairness" and "equality" these zealots have threatened individuals and small businesses with bankruptcy, arson, and even murder.
In case you haven't heard, Crystal O'Connor, co-owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana (pop. 2,200) answered a TV reporter's hypothetical question about whether they would cater a same-sex wedding. Crystal answered, "If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no." She continued, "We're not discriminating against anyone. That's just our belief, and anyone has the right to believe in anything."
Catering a wedding in Walkerton is an unlikely event. Kevin O'Connor, Crystal's father, explained they had never catered any wedding!
Obviously, Crystal's comments enraged feelings of raw and self-righteous anger across Indiana and America as threats poured in to bankrupt the business, burn it down, and murder the owners and their children! Really? Yes!
If those who made such threats are not "radical left-wing zealots" but rather "intelligent citizens trying to protect the rights of LGBT community," then we have a problem. It appears their fight to overcome "discrimination" is purely evil.
In the big blowup over a so-called Restoring Freedom of Religion Act passed in Indiana, the LGBT community literally rioted on social media and in streets across America against a law that didn't even mention sexual orientation or marriage.
A couple of weeks ago, George Stephanopoulos host of ABC's "This Week" nearly had a conniption fit asking Indiana Governor Mike Pence six times whether "discrimination" was wrong! Pence refused to answer 'yes' or 'no,' choosing instead to explain how the law adds protections for individuals or organizations operating businesses or services based on personal religious beliefs.
Left-wing zealots like Stephanopoulos argue that government can force businesses and individuals to produce goods or provide services in such ways that violate any individual's religious beliefs. Across America Christian businesspeople are being threatened with violence and lawsuits for standing up for their religious views and values. Interestingly, businesspeople of other faiths are not receiving the same threats.
Why have Christians become targets of left-wing zealots? Why did the Democratic Party remove the word "God" from the party platform? There is a political war against Christians in America fomented by left-wing zealots and supported by 'low information' rabble whose first inclination after any allegation is to burn something down.
The O'Connors had to close their business, not due to neighbors and customers' threats, but because of crazies on the left who have no moral values of their own when it comes to the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for others. These left-wing zealots apparently believe burning, looting, and murdering those who "cling" to biblical values and morals will end discrimination. Sadly, about half of all American voters support this progressive agenda.
 Someone set up an Internet crowd-funding page to raise money for the O'Connors. They had to cap the account at $842,387 after about a week. The O'Connors need the money. Neither the O'Connors nor pizza parlor owners are protected classes.

Daniel Gardner
Starkville, Mississippi
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