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Haleyville City Hall-gone forever
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The home of the first-ever 9-1-1 emergency response phone call to be made in the United States is now gone forever -- another victim of political ambition. A truly historic landmark: one of Haleyville’s few remaining landmarks after Urban Renewal, Downtown Revitalization, and whatever they choose to call the current fundamental changes being made to our town. Spending dollars to save pennies.
To those who lament the historic landmark’s destruction, I have to ask: Where were you during the years that ailing senior citizen Valeria Taylor was singlehandedly standing toe-to-toe with Haleyville’s determined politicians?
Where were you when she attended each City Council meeting and singlehandedly begged them to change their minds and save City Hall?
Where were you when she was begging citizens to sign petitions expressing disapproval of the politicians’ goal to sell the landmark for demolition? Where were you when she singlehandedly, and against great odds, successfully completed the laborous process of having the building entered into the official register of the Alabama Historical Commission? Where were you when she was singlehandedly contacting and appearing on Birmingham news channels hoping that adverse publicity would change the minds of those determined to destroy yet another part of Haleyville’s history? An ailing senior citizen, standing alone and greatly outnumbered.
To those who are glad to see the destruction of our one-of-a-kind historic landmark, I repeat what I wrote previously in several articles and editorials:
“As one character in the “Star Wars” movies said: ‘So this is how liberty dies … with thunderous applause’. I guess we might say the same about the death of the City Hall building, one of Haleyville’s few remaining truly-historic landmarks. Thunderous applause. Gleefully torn down.
An article published on the internet, addressing the importance of preserving historic government buildings, says that we should preserve our nation’s historic landmarks because they are worth preserving. The article also says that ‘The act of demolition is irreversible.
No amount of community regret will ever bring back a historic landmark, once it has been demolished’ -- and that – ‘Preservation of a historic landmark demonstrates the long-term vision of its elected officials’.”
No excuses will ever bring it back. It is now gone forever.
Of the Mayor and Council, I ask that each night as your heads touch your pillows, you ponder this question: “Now that the officially-registered historic City Hall landmark is forever demolished, what will history have to say about YOU?”

Dr. Joe Teal
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