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Campers do well at Northwest Alabama youth football camp
By Jesse Lamar
Sports Reporter
HALEYVILLE  -  It was a bright and warm morning Saturday, July 26, a perfect day for a youth football camp. Haleyville’s varsity football coach Bo Culver took the field along with coach Alex DeLeon, coach Josh Dobbins and coach Destin Dye. Varsity football player  Hunter Jordan also helped with drills and instructions.
The day started out with a short motivational speech from Culver for the campers to hang on to. “At the end of the day you want to be 1-0,” he said. “Always do the best you can do, win every down.”
Before the group of nearly 30 campers broke off into their two respective groups, they eager to learn, took the instructions well lining the field and completing the stretches as a unit.
Group division went into two categories, older and younger. The older campers, who were coached by DeLeon and Dobbins, started the day of drills out with blocking practices. The campers would weave in between pads laying on the ground before running to the blockee, breaking down, shooting hands and hips and power through the block.
The younger campers, who were coached by Culver and Dye, started out their day by working on footwork and ball security exercises.
The campers would start at the edge of the field before running toward a cone, planting their foot and turning back up field. While the campers were running through the drill, Dye was constantly trying to strip the ball from the camper’s grip.
After a water break, the older campers took the far end of the field to work on stances. The younger group stayed on the 40-yards of turf.
The older group started the grueling exercise of perfecting their three-point-stance, four-point-stance and learning what a six-point-stance was. The younger group also worked on stance drills.
Dye lined up the group on the 30-yard line facing the end zone, working on running back and linebacker stances. The campers practiced the art of not allowing a false step in their movement.
After another water break, the older group remained on the far end of the field, now working the ladder to exercise footwork. The younger campers stayed on the turf and worked on running routes and catching passes. After working the ladder, the older group worked on block extension, shooting their hands and hips to work on form. Younger campers continued with their drill running hitch and dig routes.
Even though the campers seemed reluctant to submit to a water break, they  took to the sideline to rehydrate and prepare for the second half of the camp. After the water break, the campers switched sides of the field. The younger group took to the far end of the field while the older group stayed on the turf. The younger campers started the second half of the camp by getting their stances down pat. The older group worked on taking handoffs from the quarterback and making cut moves over cones.
The final water break of the camp came too early for some campers. In the older group, some campers were asking for just one more rep. With the day coming to an end, Culver gathered the kids to congratulate them on a good day and told them that they did a good job.
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Last Updated July  30, 2014
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