WCHS homecoming moves to Oct. 16

DOUBLE SPRINGS - The annual homecoming event at Winston County High School is anticipated by many throughout the fall. Unfortunately, this year is also the year of the pandemic and changes have been underway. The homecoming parade has been canceled this year, and plans are still not concrete on Spirit Night. However, events on homecoming night are still scheduled, albeit on a different day than originally planned.

County Road 28 to have new pavement

County workers begin the chip sealing process at the northern end of County Road 28, next to Highway 13 in Delmar.
DELMAR - A bumpy ride promises to be smoothed out with a new hot mix asphalt. County Road 28, one of three routes that are between both U.S. Highway 278 to Highway 13 in Delmar, has recently had work done to its base on the Delmar half of the road, with those work areas then being chip sealed. New pavement will soon be added to that half, with striping added to the entire road.

Budget finds no “significant deficencies” for Haleyville City Schools

Haleyville School Board Member Barry Burleson, center, questions athletic supplements at the Haleyville Board of Education’s work session. Also shown are board members Kris Burleson, left, and Donna Jones.
HALEYVILLE - Financial supplements for coaches at Haleyville City Schools were brought into question by Haleyville School Board Member Barry Burleson Sept. 14, with Burleson saying that taxpayer dollars are funding at least $140,000 instead of a combination of positions to save money.

Park improvements near completion

A portion of the track is paved at the Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park in Double Springs. A part still unpaved can be seen above the asphalt in the photo. Though still closed, the construction company will have the park completed soon.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - Damage to the walking track at Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park, due to time, weather and roots, caused the park to be closed in February of this year for renovations. According to reports at the town meeting Monday, Sept. 14, the repaving of the track and lighting are the only issues left to complete before the park reopens.

Addison High's 1970 State Championship Team to be honored Oct. 2 during homecoming festivities

This drawing, done in 1971 by Phil Neel, is a representation of Addison High School's championship season of 1970, listing the names of all the coaches, football players and cheerleaders who were a part of making it happen.
ADDISON - In honor of the 50th anniversary of Addison High School's first official football state championship, the AHS Class of 2021 is going to honor the 1970 players, coaches and cheerleaders during the homecoming pre-game festivities Friday, Oct. 2.

Commisson signs off on Lakeland’s plan toward capital improvements

At the official signing of the documents approved by the Winston County Commission are, from left, Commissioners Bobby Everett; David Cummings; Jeff Mobley, attorney representing the Health Care Authority of Haleyville and Winston County; Heyward Hosch, of Maynard Cooper and Gale, bond counsel for the healthcare authority; Commission Chairman Roger Hayes and Commission Attorney Hobby Manasco.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - The designation of two mills of ad valorem or property taxes to benefit the hospital in Winston County--which has long been on the books and a subject of controversy including a lawsuit--was brought into the light once again through a vote by the Winston County Commission Monday, Sept. 14.

Haleyville plans for homecoming parade and pep rally despite pandemic

HALEYVILLE - It will be difficult to keep Lions caged this week, as excitement and anticipation are building each day along with activities, as homecoming festivities for Haleyville High School draw closer on Friday, Sept. 25, and school officials assure all events will be done according to safety regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time is running out to be counted in 2020 Census

Tracy Estes
The State of Alabama is losing--and losing quite badly, as if our state were one of the perennial cupcakes found on the schedule for Southeastern Conference teams in the fall. The deadline to respond to the census is Sept. 30 and a substantial portion of our state has failed to take the five minutes necessary to answer a few basic questions.

Northwest-Shoals awarded over $3 million to help low income, first generation and students with disabilities succeed in college

PHIL CAMPBELL - The U.S. Department of Education recently announced that Northwest-Shoals Community College will receive a federal Student Support Services grant of $3,171,090 to help more students succeed in and graduate from college.