Local students make honors lists for University of Alabama spring semester

WINSTON COUNTY - The University of Alabama has released its spring semester 2024 president’s and dean’s lists.
Students must have a 4.0 academic record, or all A’s to make the president’s list.  Students must have a 3.5 or above academic record to make the dean’s list.
Local students making the president’s list are:

Aleesa Suggs, of Double Springs;
Olivia Wright, of Double Springs;
Victoria Hand, of Double Springs;
Lilly Rushing, of Haleyville;
Timothy Townsend, of Haleyville;
Jenna Brown, of Lynn;
Chloe Crowe, of Lynn.

Local students making the dean’s list are:

Sunnie Manning, of Arley;
Maegan McCullar, of Haleyville;
Mallory Rushing, of Haleyville;
Danielle Becker, of Houston;
Taylor Freed, of Houston.


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