At odds over suggested cutbacks - Green recommends layoffs, no employee overtime

Town Attorney Cole Christopher, left, goes over figures with council member Daniel Green, center, and Jimmy Preston.

BEAR CREEK -  Claims of around $100,000 in town indebtedness, as well as the town clerk not disclosing certain financial information about that indebtedness, have been made public by Bear Creek Town Council Member Daniel Green, who has also requested all employee overtime be cut and personnel laid off.

Green, who had addressed these matters at the end of the town council’s regular meeting Monday, April 15, brought a stir of controversy from town employees at the meeting. Their responses to Green’s statements have been printed in a separate article in this layout.
The council had met for an extended time in executive session to discuss and reject a proposal they had received for rent for the Miller Building and had reassembled for regular council business, when Green brought to the table some concerns he had regarding finances.

“We’re at that point we don’t have enough money to pay the bills. We’re scrounging for money right now. The campgrounds only have 10  campers in it right at the moment.”

The council at the previous council meeting had discussed spending a total of around $27,000 on renovations and repairs, including electrical work that had to be done along with cosmetic work needed while Twin Forks Campsites were temporarily closed, so the park could be ready to reopen by April 15.

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