Mayor, town officials say employees a necessity

From left, Trenton Bonner, park employee; Water Supervisor Tyson Brown; Park and Rec Employee Crimson Jett and Andrew Welborn, director of both the street department and park and rec, at the meeting.

BEAR CREEK - Mayor Tammie Batchelor and employees of the town of Bear Creek have gone to bat, defending stiff claims from Town Council Member Daniel Green that all employee overtime as well as employees should be cut.

Green has made public statements that contract employees, who were hired to help renovate and and make repairs at Twin Forks campsites so the park could be reopened April 15, were no longer needed.

Green had also stressed that all overtime be eliminated, claiming that all work of the town could be done within 40 hours.

However, Andrew Welborn, director of both the park and recreation and street department, has reasons to strongly disagree on both of Daniel’s points.

“It took us three months with almost eight full time people...just to help us have somebody. It took eight of us and it took two more seasonal part-time people to finish it,” he said.

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