Lynn taking sealed bids on basketball court

Lynn Mayor Earl Gilbert.

LYNN - Kids and adults alike in Lynn will be able to play a game of basketball whenever they want as the outside court gets built over the coming months. Due to the large quoted price on creating a basketball court in Lynn, town officials are taking sealed bids through Monday, May 11 at the close of business at 4:30 p.m. This decision was made at a special called meeting, taking place instead of a work session, Monday, April 13. The town has decided to install a basketball court beside the old town hall, giving a recreation opportunity to those in and near Lynn.
Since one quoted price was over $15,000, the town must take sealed bids.  
“We’ve checked, and we have prices on concrete,” Mayor Earl Gilbert said. He asked the town council if they would prefer to have one person do all of the work, or have the concrete, fencing and goals installed separately. The town decided to have one person or company pour the concrete, install a fence and put the goals up.
“We are needing to determine how much we want to spend on goals,” Gilbert added. “I was thinking to put two goals on each end that don’t adjust and are solid, then put the ones on the sides that do adjust.” Gilbert went on to say bigger kids could jump and hang from the rim, causing damage to the goal if it was not high enough.
A motion was made by council member Chris Little to have sealed bids on the whole project, seconded by Allen Barnett and passed unanimously.
At the beginning of the meeting, Fourth of July fireworks were discussed shortly and whether or not the town will need to cancel the event due to the COVID-19 virus.
“It’s just a wait and see,” Gilbert said. “I think we’ll probably wait and see what’s happening at the end of May. If things don’t seem to be getting any better, we’ll go ahead and stop all of it.” The bouncing houses for kids are the only things concrete in the works currently.
Another item on the agenda was the hiring of summer help as a temporary full time employee at the rate of $12 per hour. Council member Tommy Chambless made a motion with Barnett seconding.
A pay raise was given to Police Chief Bryan Kirkpatrick in the amount of 50 cents per hour, leaving a total amount of $16 per hour. The motion was made by Barnett with Bruce Odom seconding. The meeting was then adjourned.
“If it continues getting real bad, I’m going to vote that we do away with (the May meeting),” Gilbert said. The next scheduled work session will be May 11, with the meeting May 18, though due to COVID-19, these meetings might not take place.

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