Mobile pregnancy test and resource center available

WINSTON/MARION - In a year that has been filled with difficulties and challenges, one regional agency is now offering services in Winston and Marion counties to bring hope and peace to women in need.

The Pregnancy Test and Resource Center - based in Jasper is a Christian, non-denominational non-profit organization that is now expanding into Winston and Marion counties.  The PTRC - which was established in 1991 - has been a godsend for women in Walker County who have faced unplanned pregnancies for almost three decades.  Executive Director Jenny Odom had noticed over the last few years a need arising in Winston and Marion counties, too.

"Over the past few years, we have seen quite a few expecting moms and dads in both Winston and Marion counties. Jasper is quite a distance to drive for most people, and when some of these patients didn't have reliable transportation, it was even more evident that these were our next areas that we needed to be serving,"  Odom said.

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