Sheriff's Office finds large amount of drugs during arrest

Pictured left to right are Winston County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Caleb Snoddy, Head Investigator Jacob Eward, Sheriff Horace Moore and Deputy Matt Owens with the large amount of drugs and gun found on a suspect.

HALEYVILLE   -  An ongoing investigation of illegal drug activity in the area of Blake’s Curve on Newburg Road led to the arrest of a Haleyville man after 26 grams of methamphetamine were found on his person.
Terry Michael Kelley, 43, of 300 County Highway 369, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute and certain persons forbidden to possess a pistol, noted Winston County Sheriff’s Chief Investigator Jacob Eward.
Kelley also faces three active bench warrants for probation violation from the sheriff’s office, Eward stated.
On May 27, Eward, Investigator Matt Roberts and Chief Deputy Caleb Snoddy responded to the area of Blake’s Curve on Newburg Road.
“We had multiple complaints of narcotics activity in the area,” Eward pointed out.
Upon response, the sheriff’s office saw a male in a charcoal colored Mustang, located at 54 Blake Curve Road, Eward said.
“As we approached the vehicle to speak with the male, the male exited the vehicle and began to speak with authorities,” he noted.
While talking with Kelley, Snoddy noticed a Taurus  nine-millimeter pistol in the passenger’s seat of the vehicle, according to sheriff’s officials.
Kelley was asked if he had a permit for the firearm, to which he responded he did not.
“We then asked if he had anything illegal on his person, to which he responded yes,” said Eward.
Kelley then produced a bag from his pocket that contained approximately 26 grams of meth, according to investigators.
Kelley was transported without incident to the Winston County Jail in Double Springs.
“I’m very proud to get this amount of methamphetamine off the streets,” Eward said.
“I would like to thank the community for all its help,” he added. “We will continue to go after drug dealers in this county.”
Roberts added, “I enjoy working narcotics. We will continue to serve the people of Winston County and continue to clean up the drug problem in Winston County.”


When someone is accused of a crime, it is merely an accusation until or unless the person is found guilty in a court of law.


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