Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park

Park improvements near completion

A portion of the track is paved at the Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park in Double Springs. A part still unpaved can be seen above the asphalt in the photo. Though still closed, the construction company will have the park completed soon.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - Damage to the walking track at Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park, due to time, weather and roots, caused the park to be closed in February of this year for renovations. According to reports at the town meeting Monday, Sept. 14, the repaving of the track and lighting are the only issues left to complete before the park reopens.

Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park temporarily closed during renovation project

Roots of trees through the years have heavily damaged the walking track at the park.
DOUBLE SPRINGS  - A community park, named in honor of a man who gave much service to his community, was temporarily closed beginning Feb. 13,  while its first major renovation, planned at least the past two years, is finally taking place.

Enhancements coming to park

Double Springs Mayor Elmo Robinson shows the deterioration of the walking track at Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - Double Springs has received its slice of the pie to fund a highly anticipated project to revamp Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park.