pump station

Surplus equipment sold to City of Haleyville

Engineer Calvin Cassady shows the end result of a chemical grout injection, which was used at the manhole near Lion’s Pride to keep groundwater from flowing into the sewer.
HALEYVILLE - In 2011, equipment was purchased by the Haleyville Water and Sewer Board to do work at the airport. Since that time, the equipment has not been used and deemed surplus at the water and sewer board meeting on Tuesday, July 23. A proposal to sell the equipment to the City of Haleyville was approved in the amount of $53,750, the majority being a 2011 John Deere 5093E Limited tractor 4x4 pre-emissions with loader for $40,000.

Principal forgiveness not forgiven

Pump station 12, in Blake Curve on Newburg Road, is one of the pump stations to be replaced with money received from the $1 million loan.

HALEYVILLE - When the Haleyville Water Works and Sewer Board applied for a $1.5 million loan to work on a sewer project, it was hoped to receive principal forgiveness in the amount of $500,000. The loan was approved, but Haleyville did not qualify for the principal forgiveness, as other cities showed more need. This was the topic at the recent board meeting on Tuesday, April 23.