We’re fighting for our lives

Every four years in a democratic government, the people get to vote as to the party they want to govern them for the next four years. This has happened now for over 200 years in our beautiful America. That is democracy. There are winners and there are losers in a democracy. If that were not true, then that would not be a democracy. That is true for both parties, Republican and Democrat. It makes no difference.

We must preserve the presumption of innocence

Suppose an intelligent machine deems you guilty of a crime. Suppose the police were to treat the machine’s judgment as evidence of your guilt. Would it matter that you are actually innocent?
This hypothetical was once a plot device of dystopian novels and films. As law enforcement agencies increasingly rely on traffic cameras, cell phone data and other information technologies, we should take care that fiction does not become reality.

The truth is supposed to cut both ways

As a politician, I could blame the mountain of unfinished business before the Alabama Legislature in 2021 on the COVID pandemic. There’s some truth to it, but well-crafted propaganda combines a grain of truth with a convenient scapegoat. If money is the mother’s milk of politics, then propaganda is the baby itself.  

The pandemic is not the primary reason we fail to make progress on difficult and complex issues year after year. The main culprit remains the same as always - pure politics and its never-ending struggle for power over one another.