Will you participate in the 2020 Census?

A graph displayed at a census forum recently held in Double Springs shows the southwest portion of Winston County was the hardest area to receive census forms back from in 2010.

WINSTON COUNTY - Will you complete the census next year? That’s the question on many minds of federal, state and local government officials. Based on the 2020 Census’ expected results, it is expected that Alabama will lose a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, resulting in less funding for the state? With that will go an electoral college vote, giving Alabamians less of a voice when electing the president.
With unemployment at a record low, automotive plants moving in and the growth of Huntsville, this could spell a funding disaster.
The problems Alabamians could face are not insurmountable. What can you do? It is a simple thing, actually. Fill out the census questionnaire the moment you receive it.
The federal government is concerned about certain rural areas participating in the upcoming 2020 census. The fact is, the majority of responses to the census will be given online, and the U.S. Census Bureau wants to ensure all are counted. Yet, there are many without reliable internet access, the older generations who do not have or want internet and those who do not trust the government.
Considering areas of Winston and other rural areas as “hard to count,” complete count committees are being formed. It is also such a concern it has brought the U.S. Census Bureau Director, Steve Billingham, out of Washington and to north Alabama.



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