Are we taking freedom for granted here in America?

Are we taking freedom for granted here in America?  Have we lost the ability to look at both sides of the political spectrum?
I wrote a few years back that America seemed a lot more tribal, voting family tradition as time went on.  Have we, through tribalism (which in some ways has melted into almost cultism) lost the ability to try to look at both sides, Democrat and Republican.
To really listen to both sides, listen with open minds.  Do we tune in to social media to read only what we want to read?  I have been guilty of that.
In the case of voting family tradition, the morals in America have changed almost 100 percent since grandma and grandpa voted.  We now live in a culture where not much in entertainment is not accepted, good and bad.  Children are smart; they know how to get devices to get through blocked entertainment.  All down the line, since  about the early 1960s, political leaders had to sign laws that made many of these things possible.    Many try hard to fight for the right.
When and if we melt into cultism, that is most certainly the worst of all.  It is almost unbeatable.  It may be “go along to get along”. The leader of cults is worshiped.  They can do no wrong.  As I said, they say it takes professionals to de-program a brainwashed cultist.  Your brain is convinced.  That’s why being positive is good.
When you vote, you are voting for over 300 million souls.  Freedom, America’s blood-bought freedom, is not a joke.  It is very serious.  Once lost, freedom may never be recovered.  Once a leader gets the country’s military behind them, backing them (and the military is sworn to obey the president), that will not be a good thing.  The chances then to ever recover will be bloody.  Lost.
I write this not to intimidate, but just as something to think about.  The Constitution gave us a pretty good blueprint for freedom.  In my opinion, the Constitution in some ways, by some, has maybe been just a little bit stomped upon.  Let us all pray for the freedom of our land, our America.  Our freedom has been blood bought.  As the song says, “Freedom ain’t worth nothing, but it’s free”.  Freedom is not free.  Many good souls lay sleeping now, some sleeping in foreign graves.  They gave their blood for our freedom.  When we vote, let us think of them.
Also, we are one, we Americans.  One.  When we vote, we think of all Americans, undivided, with freedom now to vote our choice.  Maybe in this new era, we could start giving the very person running for President of America - who will hold our fate in their hands -  a closer look.  On both sides.

Nadine Hood Overstreet



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