Tax deadlines approaching

WINSTON COUNTY - Winston County Revenue Commissioner Sandra Wright would like to remind everyone about some upcoming tax deadlines.

Property taxes became due Oct. 1, and are payable without penalty by Dec. 31.  After Dec. 31, property taxes will be considered delinquent.  For persons living in manufactured homes, registration or renewal of registration for those homes is due by Nov. 30.

Persons age 65 or older or who are on total disability may be eligible for a property tax exemption, Wright noted.   Persons seeking exemptions, as well as persons over 65 who had exemptions last year must come to the Revenue Commissioner’s Office in the Winston County Courthouse Annex in Double Springs to sign the exemption before Dec. 31, in order to keep it applicable.  For persons who have an exemption and still file income taxes, please bring a copy of your last filed tax returns when you come to the office. Exemptions have to be re-certified between Oct. 1, and Dec. 31, to be effective.

The Alabama Manufactured Home Act signed into law in 1991, changed the way manufactured homes are treated for tax and revenue purposes in Alabama. Under the Act, manufactured homes located on the owner's property and not held for rent or lease are assessed on the real property tax rolls in the Revenue Commissioner's Office. All others must be registered.
Proof of ownership, along with a description that includes the size, ID number, year made and model of the manufactured home should be brought to the Revenue Commissioner's Office to make an assessment. The owner will receive a decal to display on the right front corner as proof that the taxes are paid.
A homestead exemption may be claimed for those who own the manufactured home, the property and live in the home as their principal residence as of October 1.
Proof of title (20 years or newer model) and proof that sales tax has been paid must be provided at the time of the assessment/registration. All manufactured homes must be registered or assessed within 30 calendar days of purchase.
Renewal of manufactured home registrations occurs during October or November each year. There is a $10 penalty for late registration.  Persons over 65 or persons who are permanently and totally disabled should request exemption information prior to registration/renewal.
For more information, call the Winston County Revenue Commissioner’s Office at 205-489-5166.


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