Scary sight in the sky in Haleyville Tuesday night as city dodges bullet during tornado warning

This photo shared with the Alabamian shows what appears to be a funnel cloud passing through the northern portion of the city of Haleyville just past Goar's Market.

HALEYVILLE - Residents of Winston and Marion counties were placed under Tornado Warnings earlier this evening, with many Haleyville residents seeing what appeared to be a funnel cloud on the northern side of the city in the vicinity of Highway 13 North and Kelly Hill.  Several photos and videos were shot of the ominous cloud as hundreds poured into the city's storm shelters.  The City of Haleyville had created a plan earlier in the day regarding how to operate the storm shelters in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the plan appears to have worked. 

As of 9:50 p.m. Tuesday evening, there haven't been any reports of damage submitted to the Alabamian.  We will continue to reach out to officials and will have a full report tomorrow here on our website.

Anyone who has a damage report or photos of damage in Winston County or the Bear Creek area may send us an email to 

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