Eady has book published

DOUBLE SPRINGS - Published by Parables, a Christian publishing company, is pleased to announce the publication and global distribution of Lisa H. Eady’s latest book, The 7 Principles of Healing Trauma (a healing journey).
Eady, a resident of Double Springs, is an ordained prophetess, missionary, Christian counselor and life -coach. She and her husband, Jeremy, are founders of Revival Arrows Ministry, a non-profit based in northern Alabama.  

The 7 Principles of Healing Trauma offers an insightful presentation of counseling techniques, life coaching techniques and inner (emotional) healing. The 7 Principles are drawn from Eady’s expansive professional, personal and private counseling experience – working with those who have experienced trauma and struggle with its painful consequences.

The thrust of Eady’s counseling ministry has been to help people find release and freedom from the painful wounds of a traumatic past.   One of the primary goals of the 7 Principles is to experience Christian liberty and the abundant life of Jesus.
Eady speaks around the world on trauma, informed care and the healing principles that will sustain that care.  
“The revelation in the book is a tool to help people overcome traumatic wounds from the past. Those who feel stuck, those who feel like they have climbed the same emotional mountain over and over. Those who feel shackled by what they have been through.

“Oftentimes people create the life they think they deserve. God wants His people to live a full life filled with joy,” Lisa explains.
The 7 Principles of Healing Trauma is available through 40,000+ retail outlets in 200+ nations, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., plus colleges, universities, libraries, bookstores,  and wherever fine books are sold.  


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