City of Haleyville's plan regarding storm shelters and COVID-19 guidelines

HALEYVILLE - With a threat of severe weather this evening and another on Saturday, the City of Haleyville is working hard to make sure residents will be safe, as well as protect residents from contracting COVID-19 or other sicknesses.

According to Mayor Ken Sunseri, the shelters will not immediately open if a tornado watch is issued.  This is an effort to limit the time residents must stay in the shelters.  While the shelter opening times will be delayed, they will still open in plenty of time to protect citizens.

The city has designated the shelter at the Haleyville Sports Complex as the sick shelter.  Please use this shelter if you or your child has a fever, any flu strand or are showing any other symptoms of a contagious sickness.

The City Hall Scout Hut, Airport and Dixie Youth Field/Senior Center Shelters will be the well shelters.  Please only come to these shelters if you are not experiencing any colds, allergies or fever.

No matter which shelter you enter, please bring a towel or mask to cover your mouth, as the city does not have enough masks or hand sanitizer to supply the public.  City employees will have on protective suits, masks and glasses.  Please do not panic, as this is for their safety.

If you choose to come to the shelters before they open, please wait in your vehicle.  Do not stand or wait around the shelter entrance.

Currently, all of Winston, Marion and Franklin counties are outlined for a slight risk of severe weather this afternoon.  The main threat is expected to be high winds, but there is a slight chance of tornadoes.

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