Keep your propane tank full to minimize COVID-19 risk

MONTGOMERY - Local propane providers are taking action to keep customers and employees safe during the covid-19 crisis, according to the Alabama Propane Gas Association.
On the advice of health officials,  propane providers may have changed operating hours or procedures for routine operations such as tank and cylinder filling, service, installations and customer payments. Propane providers may need extra time to respond or make deliveries.

If you normally call your provider for deliveries, you can help by keeping your propane tank full, the Alabama Propane Gas Association recommends.
If you run out of propane, your system cannot be restarted until a qualified technician checks for gas leaks. That may require a technician to enter your home, which could be inconvenient for you and impractical if someone in the home is ill or quarantined.

Your propane consumption may have changed because of Covid-19 restrictions, so check your propane tank gauge. When the level drops below 30 percent, call your propane supplier.
Keep your family safe by keeping enough propane in the tank.
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