New business bringing jobs to Haleyville

The Haleyville City Council takes action to vote on the high bidder for property that will house a new business in the city. Voting in favor, from left, Dr. Ray Boshell, Mayor Ken Sunseri, seated front, and Boo Brooks. Council member Brian Berry, center, abstained from the vote.

HALEYVILLE  -  A major step has been taken to create more local jobs, with the Haleyville City Council awarding the sale of surplus property so a new distribution business for Fontaine Trailer Company and Transcraft can be constructed.
The council voted unanimously for immediate consideration and by majority for approval of ordinance 2022-02, authorizing the bid for sale of 52 total acres of property the council deemed surplus at their Dec. 6, 2021, council meeting through  ordinance 2022-04, city officials said.
The property, which  is located beside Fontaine, is divided into two parcels, 17 acres in Winston County and 34.96 acres in Marion County, authorities said.  The property was purchased years ago by the City of Haleyville, but was not needed for any future development as a municipal operation, city officials stated.
Since the city did not plan to develop the property, the idea was to sell it to an entity which could turn around and develop it commercially, officials added.
“There was interest shown in possible development,” stated City Attorney Jeff Mobley, who announced the highest bidder at the Feb. 7, city council meeting.
The city accepted sealed bids on the property until 11 a.m. Feb. 2, at which time the two bids received were opened.
WRWEI Investment Properties, LLC was the highest bidder for the property at $252,000, Mobley announced.  According to online records, WRWEI Investment Properties is a limited liability company formed in Missouri.
The property, he added, was appraised by Richardson Real Estate and Appraisal Company, determining that the high bid from WRWEI was higher than the appraised value submitted to the city.
Mobley advised the council to vote first for immediate consideration approving the ordinance. Council member Boo Brooks made the motion, seconded by Dr. Ray Boshell and all voted in favor of immediate consideration, including Brooks, Boshell, Brian Berry and Blue Russell, who had to vote by phone due to being absent from the meeting.  Council members are currently allowed to vote by phone due to rules put in place by Governor Kay Ivey due to the COVID pandemic.  Also absent from the meeting was Drew Thrasher.
The council then approved the resolution, with Brooks making the motion, seconded by Boshell. All voted in favor except for Berry, who abstained from the vote.
Officials saidd the property will be converted into a new business that will, in turn, benefit the city.
TNT Sales will eventually locate on the property and will sell drop-deck and flatbed trailers as the largest dealership for Fontaine Trailer Company as well as Transcraft, noted Berry, who is Alabama sales manager for TNT Sales.


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