Railroad crossing in Lynn blocked by train

This Norfolk Southern train has been blocking the intersection with County Road 356 since 6 a.m. January 23, creating major problems for businesses on the other side

LYNN - A main railroad crossing in Lynn has been blocked since 6 a.m. Tuesday, January 23, by a Norfolk Southern train that appears to be unoccupied, creating a massive disruption for many businesses and great concern for first responders.

The train is currently blocking the intersection with County Road 356, which has blocked the best path navigable to several businesses, including Pace Industries, Millport Lumber and Winston Machinery.

Town officials were in contact with Norfolk Southern throughout the day, but have not been able to get the issue resolved.  This is not the first time this has happened in Lynn, according to town officials, with different crossings being blocked each time.  

The Alabamian will have much more on this story in our January 31, edition and online as needed. 

See complete story in the Northwest Alabamian.
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