Putt-putt course at Looney’s to open this year

Pictured with the new Dual Destiny replica for one of the holes on the putt-putt golf course at Looney’s Tavern are seated, from left, Melanie Howell Hayes and Kim Howell Blankenship. Standing, from left, Debbie Hughes Henderson, Diane Hughes Watson, Angela Curtis Tidwell and Andrea Curtis. (Courtesy photo)

LAKESHORE - An interesting project, called the “Twins” Project, is developing right now at Looney’s Amphitheater Complex and Cultural Center as part of Winston County Arts Council’s renovation of the 13-acre property. Three sets of identical twins, all local, have been hand-picked to head the restoration of the putt-putt golf course, along with the complex’s project manager, David Jacobs, and a crew of workers who will see that their plans are carried out to the delight of all the area people who are waiting patiently for the grand opening. The ladies have been picked, not because they each have a twin, but because together they present a formidable array of talent and experience, from business acumen to landscaping. Most even played Looney Putt when they were very young, and many volunteered when the complex was previously active.
        The theme of the 18-hole mini-golf course is attractions or historical features of Winston County. The Arts Council, in keeping with its main objective of teaching fine arts as well as the history and folk arts of our county, hope that while participants enjoy playing the game, they will also be learning about the unique history of the Free State of Winston. The hope is that this, and other games and attractions that will come, will also increase tourism to the county.
    Brian Canuteson, of Elior Art Designs in Decatur, is doing the artwork for each hole in the course. Already completed are replicas of the Dual Destiny statue, the red rotary-dial phone used to make the first 9-1-1 phone call, Corinth Church, Houston Log Jail, Winston County Courthouse, and Looney’s Tavern, with another to come each week.
    The public is always welcome for a tour of the progress being made. If you are interested, please call J.D. Snoddy, Chairman of the Board, at 205-489-6569.


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