International Harvester collectors rolling into Haleyville for festival

HALEYVILLE   -  The annual tractor show sponsored by Cox Highway 195 Farm and Tire Supply as part of the City of Haleyville’s 9-1-1 Festival Saturday, June 1, will be seeing red this year - International Harvester Red, that is.
International Harvester Collectors Alabama Chapter No 23 will be in attendance at this year’s show, where they will conduct their state meeting, noted John Cox, co-owner of Cox Highway 195 Farm and Tire Supply.
“They look to add roughly 60-80 more tractors to the show, so we’ll have a lot bigger show this year,” Cox pointed out.
Club President Randy Bodine is excited that the chapter is coming to Haleyville to hold one of its club meetings this year.
“It’s in our national charter that we have  four  membership, club meetings a year,” Bodine added. “We try to have one per quarter around the state.  We try to move them from south Alabama to north Alabama and all places in between.”
The club has been eyeing the success of the Haleyville’s 9-1-1 festival each year, which is held in tribute of first responders, Bodine indicated.
“The town is really putting an effort behind the event,” said Bodine. “We like to go to a venue that’s got a lot for our members to enjoy.
“Haleyville has been on our radar. We have been watching it as it continued to grow.  We decided it  would be a great opportunity,” Bodine continued.  “I think that the festival and the celebration of the first responders is just a great thing.”
The chapter reached out to Cox about joining forces at this year’s festival, Bodine explained.
“They rolled out the red carpet for us,” he noted. “The hospitality has just been wonderful.  We could not be more excited about coming to a place that wants us to come.”
The chapter plans to bring tractors, farm equipment and International Scouts  which are like Jeeps or Land Rover vehicles, Bodine explained.   Also, vehicles known as  National Harvester ambulances and National Harvester fire trucks may be on display, according to Bodine.
“Their club has around 120-140 members.  On average, they have  50-75 percent of their club show for a state meeting,” Cox said.
The 9-1-1 Festival tractor show usually displays 15-25 tractors each year, according to Cox.
Registration will begin Saturday, June 1, at 7 a.m.  at the large open area behind Pinnacle Bank downtown. There will be no entry fee for  tractors this year, according to Cox.
Instead, donations will be collected, with proceeds benefiting the FFA program at the Haleyville Center of Technology, Cox added.
A half-in-half drawing will also be held, he said.
The show starts at 8 a.m, but in a different location than previous years, Cox reminded.
Due to the larger amount of tractors expected to be displayed, the show has been moved from 10th Avenue to the lower parking area behind Haleyville City Hall at the Community Safe Room, organizers said.



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