Locations in Bankhead added to Alabama Mountain Lakes' North Alabama Waterfall Trail

WINSTON COUNTY - With summertime upon us, the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association (AMLA) announces an expansion to the extremely popular Waterfalls of North Alabama Trail. Thirteen new stops have been added, bringing the total up to 27 for those in search of Mother Nature’s magical creations.
The updated and expanded Waterfalls of North Alabama brochure spotlights 27 different waterfalls scattered throughout the north Alabama region. Along with a brief description, the 12-page colorful brochure provides a map, GPS coordinates, best times for viewing and other travel advice and also indicates waterfalls that are handicap accessible.
Several waterfalls within the Bankhead National Forest have been added to the brochure, including the following:

• Sougahoagdee Falls.   According to the brochure, this waterfall is a four mile round trip moderate hike. There are no official trails to Sougahoagdee, typically only a worn path. “The hike to this waterfall follows striking cliff faces and a beautiful nearby river. Along this hike are several other streams and waterfalls,”  the brochure states.
• Mize Mill Falls.  “This enchanting area is covered in luscious green moss and evergreen trees. There are two ways to get to the falls but no official, marked trail. One is a difficult short hike and the other is a moderate two-mile round trip hike,” the brochure states.
• Shangri-La Falls.  Located deep within the Bankhead, Shangri-La Falls is, “a beautiful waterfall surrounded by luscious green trees, falling into a gorgeous pool of blue water. The hike is three miles round-trip and is moderate for most of the hike. It can be difficult getting into and out of the canyon. This waterfall is seasonal and the best time to visit is in the winter or spring,”  the brochure states.
• White Creek Falls.  The hike to White Creek Falls is a difficult, five-mile round-trip hike.  White Creek Falls has an upper and lower waterfall.  “The upper waterfall is a shorter waterfall with a unique heart-shaped pool also known as the “Valentines Pool.” The lower waterfall is much taller and settles into an impressive canyon, the brochure states.
• Parker Falls. The moderate hike to Parker falls is four miles round-trip.  There is no official trail to Parker Falls, but there is, typically, a worn path, the brochure reads.  “Along this hike, the trail meanders through a beautiful pine forest and passes several beautiful waterfalls before making it to Parker Falls,”  AMLA states.

Since its launch in 2019, the Waterfalls of North Alabama Trail has been one of North Alabama’s top attractions, introducing local and visitors to 14 natural wonders, all unique and with a different sight to behold. Over 180,000 brochures with information on the 14 destinations have been distributed through phone call requests, internet inquiries, consumer travel show promotion and in-region brochure rack displays. The popularity of the Trail and high demand for brochures prompted AMLA’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications Karen Beasley to look at expanding the Trail. “After careful consideration, 27 must-see locations were handpicked for you to awe over. We hope by expanding the trail, more people will be inspired to visit and that it will also encourage those that have already visited to come again and enjoy these additional cascading beauties,” said Beasley.
The new  brochure is available at https://www.northalabama.org/plan-your-visit/request-brochures/, or may be requested by calling 1-800-648-5381.  


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