Lynn Fire Department to get tested

LYNN - Testing equipment on a regular basis is a must in order to save a life, and the Lynn Fire Department is required to test their bottles and hoses annually. A list of the equipment has been given to Lynn council members. Approval was given to move $3,188 from the fire department savings account to the checking account to cover the supplies and testing procedures at the recent town meeting, Monday, July 15.

The amount of money is for one Lifepak 1,000 battery at $377; 1 Lifepak 500 battery at $365; hoses tested for $1,720; one-half of having all hydro bottles certified at $524 and an oil change for the 2007 Kenworth fire truck, pumper one, for $202. This was unanimously approved by the council.

Council member Chris Little brought the council’s attention to the matter.

“It’s annual,” Little mentioned, “but we break it down in the last two quarters of the year.”

The Lifepaks contain defibrillators, one of which the battery has completely drained, and the other one is getting close, Little mentioned.

Originally, Little explained the Lifepaks, half the amount for the hose testing and the oil change could be done this quarter, while the rest of the amount for testing on the hoses and bottle certifications could wait until October. However, after discussion, the council decided to approve all of the amount at this time.

The hydro bottles are part of the self-contained breathing apparatus used by the fire department when entering a building on fire. It contains compressed room air and needs certification to make sure all parts are working. A firefighter could die from smoke inhalation if it malfunctions while in use.

Another topic discussed at the meeting was the sealed bids for rewiring the light poles at the ballpark. Bids had been received from June 20, until July 12. However, only one bid was submitted. Council member Alan Barnett made a motion to delay accepting the bid until the next council meeting, which passed with all in favor.

The next town meeting will be Monday, Aug. 19, at 6 p.m. at the old town hall.

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