Calls for fire due payments a scam

PEBBLE - A local fire department wants everyone to know that if you get a call asking to pay your fire dues over the phone, it is a scam.
Kurt League, chief of the Pebble Volunteer Fire Department, received a call this past weekend from a resident within the Pebble Fire Department’s coverage area regarding a scam call the resident received.  The call appeared on the resident’s caller ID as originating in Kennedy, Alabama.  The caller told the resident that he needed to pay his fire dues over the phone.  The resident told the caller that he had a son and a grandson who used to be involved with the fire department, so he would check with them first before making a payment.  The caller promptly hung up.  Other residents within the coverage area have also reported receiving unsolicited calls from the Kennedy area.
The Pebble Volunteer Fire Department is currently requesting residents to pay their fire dues, but not through phone calls.
“We will never call you trying to get fire dues paid.  We do not take payments over the phone,”  League said.  He noted that he planned to get with both the Winston County Sheriff’s Office and the Haleyville Police Department this week to make a report on the scam call
Persons who live within Pebble’s coverage area who are needing to pay their fire dues can mail them to Pebble Fire Department, 488 County Road 3471, Haleyville, AL 35565.  Fire dues are $25 per year per residence.  Fire dues can also be dropped off personally on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. at the fire station, which is located off of Highway 243.
The Pebble Volunteer Fire Department is a non-profit, volunteer organization, which relies greatly on fire dues and fundraisers to operate.  For residents who pay their fire dues, if the department has to respond to their home for an emergency, there will be no charge.  Those who do not pay their fire dues and have an emergency that requires the Pebble VFD to respond will be charged $1,000 per fire call.
The Pebble VFD is currently taking applications for volunteer firefighters.  Interested persons are welcome to stop by the fire department Thursday nights at 7 p.m. to fill out an application.  For more information regarding fire dues or volunteer opportunities, speak with any Pebble firefighter, message them on Facebook or send an email to

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