Haleyville School Board approves several retirements

HALEYVILLE - Haleyville City Schools will look a bit different next school year, based on the number of familiar faces who were approved for retirement during the Haleyville City School Board’s meeting April 27.

The following faculty and staff members were approved for retirement:

Scott McGee - Haleyville High School Teacher, effective May 31;
Pam Mobley - Haleyville Middle School Media Specialist, effective June 30;
Vicki Bishop - Haleyville Elementary School Music Teacher, effective May 28;
Cindy Chadwick - Haleyville Middle School Counselor, effective June 30;
Elizabeth Townsend - Haleyville High School Teacher, effective June 1;
Tommy Armstrong - Haleyville High School Job Coach, effective June 30;
Julie “Boo” Brooks - Haleyville Elementary School Teacher, effective June 1;
Beverly Jones - Haleyville Elementary School Bookkeeper, effective July 1;
Pamela Steele - Haleyville High School Library Assistant, effective June 1.

The following resignations were approved during the meeting:

Hallie Olive as Haleyville Elementary School Special Education Teacher, effective May 28;
Amber Nichols as Haleyville Elementary School Teacher, effective May 28;
Chris Bunio as Haleyville Middle School Teacher, effective May 28.

Board members approved the hire of Steve Bryant as maintenance and grounds technician for the school system retroactive to April 1.  Katie Coleman was hired as the Summer Feeding Program Lead for Haleyville Elementary School, effective June 2.  Maribel Cofield was also hired as an additional breakfast worker at Haleyville Elementary School, effective April 28.

Kelly Rushing was hired as a volunteer assistant coach for varsity football and possibly other sports for the 2021-2022 school year, effective April 27.  Judy Thompson and Mandy McNutt were approved as co-sponsors of the Haleyville Middle School Cheerleaders for the 2021-2022 school year, effective April 27.  Marla Wakefield was hired as a special education teacher at Haleyville Elementary School for the remainder of this school year, retroactive to April 19.  Grant Wakefield and Hayden Armstrong will be the school system’s summer workers, with their hires approved retroactive to April 26.

Tenure was granted to Haleyville Elementary certified personnel Brandi Crumpton, Heather Fannin, Olivia Tank and Sydney Kiser Burleson.  Tenure was also granted to Haleyville High certified personnel Candy Garner, Tyler Malone and Summer Reynolds and Haleyville Center of Technology certified personnel Jeff McKinney.

The following support personnel at Haleyville Elementary School were granted non-probationary status: Heather Carroll, Katie Coleman and Lori Crook. Haleyville High School support personnel Cheryl Mills was also granted non-probationary status.



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