Home destroyed during severe storm Tuesday

HOUSTON   -  While surrounding first responders were dealing with fallen trees and power lines from severe storms Tuesday, May 4, officials at Houston were dealing with major structural damage, after high winds turned a lake home into a massive pile of debris.
The home, which was under construction but nearing completion on Smith Lake at the end of Old Arley Road, was demolished, with high winds not only sweeping a large part of the structure off its concrete foundation but unsettling the few sections of the home still left intact.
Tom Grubbs, former county emergency management director, who lives in the area, noted winds reached as high as 45 to 50 miles per hour at times during severe storms Tuesday afternoon.
“It was one of the worst (storms) I have seen. It bent the trees in my yard a lot worse than I have seen them bent,” Grubbs stated.
Grubbs, along with others who lived in that area of Smith Lake, lost power around 5:08 p.m.

“The power in this whole area was out from 5 to just about 9:30,” he said.
The storm, Grubbs added, lasted about 15 minutes.


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