High speed internet sprouting up on east side

WINSTON COUNTY   - About a year after Cullman Electric Cooperative announced a major internet project to build a fiber optic network among its substations, crews are being seen in areas across Winston County’s east side laying fiber optic lines in phase 1 of the multi-faceted high speed internet project.
The project, which is being called Sprout Fiber Internet, is a fiber optic connection among Cullman Electric’s 17 substations as phase 1 of a multi-faceted project.
Phase 1 of Sprout Internet will make high speed internet service available to 11,000 to 12,000 coop members throughout the entire Cullman Coop service area, officials said.
The lateral lines of fiber optic, which will be extended from the fiber optic substation connections, will bring fiber optic internet to Addison, Helicon, Arley and  Nesmith in just Winston County, which will benefit both businesses and homes, officials said.
Fiber lines benefiting Helicon will go into a substation in Cullman County, while fiber optics benefiting Addison will be routed into the Jones Chapel station.
In Winston County, the additional fiber will benefit along Highway 278 at Addison from the Cullman County line, traveling on to the Helicon substation.
A downline device in the Arley area, where fiber optic lines can be installed without a substation,  will mean a large section of that area will be affected by high speed internet lines too, officials explained.
Lines will continue along Highway 278 to the Houston area, due to connections made at these downline devices, which are not full substations but have breakers and switches to accommodate the installation of fiber.


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