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Sheriff encourages “yes” vote on local amendment

From left, Ashley Tucker, vice president of the Winston County Firefighters Association, Sheriff Caleb Snoddy and Double Springs Fire Chief Brandon Lewis. Snoddy is holding the legislation that, if passed by voters, will give proceeds from sheriff’s office fundraisers to benefit local fire departments.
WINSTON COUNTY - On March 5, voters will have the choice to approve a local amendment allowing the Winston County Sheriff’s Office to conduct fundraisers, with proceeds benefiting the office, as well as charitable organizations and volunteer fire departments.

Proposed bill would help sheriff and volunteer firefighters

Lt. Zena Ingram with the Delmar Fire Department shows the scrap collected by the fire department to sell in order to have funds for the department.
WINSTON COUNTY - The need for more funding is a constant issue for both the Winston County Sheriff’s Office, as well as volunteer fire departments, which struggle daily without updated trucks and equipment. A bill has been introduced that, if approved by the voters of Winston County, will provide much needed relief to this financial situation.

LUCAS now at all fire departments in Winston County

Shown with all seven LUCAS devices ready to give to fire departments, from left, Helicon Fire Assistant Chief Greg Ackley; Winston County Commissioner Rutger Hyche; Vanessa King, assistant director of Northwest Alabama Resource Conservation and Development Council; Winston County Firefighter Association President Cody Wakefield; Winston EMA Director A.J. Brown; Lauranne James, executive director of NWA RC&D and Winston  County Commission Chairman Roger Hayes.
WINSTON COUNTY - After delays in paperwork and shuffling funding sources, LUCAS - or automated CPR devices - have been distributed to the remaining seven fire departments in the county which have been without this key life-saving equipment.

New mobile units could be lifesavers

From left, Ashley Tucker, assistant chief of the Central Fire Department; David Crews, alternate director for the Alabama Association of Volunteer Fire Departments for district 2; Winston EMA Director A.J. Brown; Gerita Rye, marketing, public relations, physician recruitment and Lakeland Foundaton director for Lakeland Community Hospital; County Commissioners David Cummings and Bobby Everett.

WINSTON COUNTY      -  Winston County officials hope and pray a mass casualty incident never occurs locally, but are amply prepared in case one does.