Conservatives should embrace the 2020 Census

It’s Sept. 5, 2020. You, like most of Alabama, have been waiting months for this day. As summer slowly faded into autumn, the cool evenings punctuating the still-stifling afternoons, you took heart knowing the long months of faint interest in the NBA and baseball were almost gone. Today, after all this time, the drought is finally over: the first Saturday of college football season has arrived.

Haleyville and Winston: A home in the hills

I am a native of Winston County. I never forgot its beauty when I last lived in Winston County about 1950. I never forgot its fields of cotton, corn, beautiful woodlands, hills and what my grandmother called a pinnacle, the high hill in back of her old home place. My siblings and I never quite climbed to the top of that pinnacle. We knew by instinct that pinnacle would be there when next we tried to climb it. It was and still is, though the old place has gone to ruin. In the back of my mind, I always hoped to come back to Winston County when my husband and I retired.