Thank a farmer this Thanksgiving

For nearly 65 years, the American people have joined together during Thanksgiving week to observe Farm-City Week, a time set aside to express gratitude for the bounty with which God has blessed our land.  Throughout the week, Americans recognize the hard work and achievements of the farmers, rural townspeople and city residents who make our nation’s agricultural production and distribution system so successful.  This cooperation between rural and city dwellers for mutual benefit truly helps to ensure our country’s well-being.
America’s farmers have provided nutritious food and fiber to sustain our people through many decades of progress.  Farmers’ productivity has increased steadily, thanks largely to their initiative in supporting and adopting science-based methods and materials.  Because of this productivity, American farmers are able to meet the needs of our nation and a growing world.
American agriculture - and the many service industries that depend upon it - is a story of extraordinary labor creating extraordinary abundance.  The American farmer has an impact on every aspect of life, from big cities to small towns and all of the routes in between.  At this time of year, it is only fitting that all Americans offer a special sign of thanks to those who grow, harvest and bring the fruits of sun, seed and soil to our nation’s tables.

Darrell Lee
President, Winston County Farmers Federation


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