Meth destroys so much

Across most of the country, states are struggling to quell a worsening opiate epidemic. While this is happening, one problem continues to rage on in states across the country.  
NBC News reported on meth with some shocking results. Meth - also known as ice, crank, speed, chalk or gak - is a highly addictive and damaging drug that is still a huge problem throughout the U.S According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission in 2015, meth offenders made up the highest proportion of federal drug offenders in 27 states.  

ABC stores help state

Alcohol was on the minds of many Alabama lawmakers this year as the legislature considered an abnormally high number of alcohol-related bills. Several of the bills passed. Most notable was legislation that made it possible for Alabama businesses to deliver beer, wine and liquor to customers’ homes and separate legislation that allows state residents to order wine directly from wineries, even if those producers are out of state.