Town Council hires electrician to check out Twin Forks during temporary closure

From left, Council Member Jimmy Preston, Mayor Tammie Batchelor and Town Clerk Jamie Green listen as advice is given to them by attorney Cole Christopher concerning some election formalities the council needs to approve.

BEAR CREEK - The Bear Creek Town Council voted at their regular meeting Thursday, Feb. 13, to hire Chester Barber as the electrician to check out Twin Forks campsites,  making sure everything is in order while the park is temporarily closed for general maintenance.

Barber was hired at $65 an hour.  Based on a 40-hour work week, that will cost the town approximately $2,600, council members discussed. Twin Forks campsites closed for one month beginning Feb. 1, in order to have annual maintenance and any renovation work before a tentative reopening date of March 12, weather permitting.

While the park is closed, the public will be allowed to drive through the campsite area on Friday, Feb. 28, and Saturday, Feb. 29, from  9 a.m. - 4 p.m. each day to see which campsites they would like in preparation for the drawing held on March 5, where campers will draw numbers and choose their camping spots. Campers who plan on staying for 11 months are required to attend the drawing, noted Twin Forks Campsites Manager Kathy Preston.

In other business, the council voted on immediate consideration  to purchase a garbage truck  at $25,000 which will be taken from the $70,000 loan, with a suggestion made by council member James Loden to place the remaining $45,000 into savings or to pay on the loan.

The council discussed renting the former water department building for $300 a month, but decided not to take any official action until an official contract could be drawn up, stating that access to the parking area of the facility would depend on a separate property owner. The town owns the water department building, but not the parking lot adjacent to it. 

Items pertaining to the August municipal elections were approved, as the council voted to leave the same salary schedule for mayor and council in place. The schedule is the mayor makes $250 a month, with each council member making $100 per month. Council member James Loden recommended the salaries remain the same. The salaries will take effect the first Monday in November for whomever is elected mayor and council in August.

The council approved town bills at $7,021.47 and water department bills of $36,528.87.

The council met for approximately 30 minutes in executive session to discuss the good name and character of an individual relating to part-time personnel. No official action was taken during the executive session.

Council member Heath Heatherly asked about the status of the park and rec department, which had earlier met in a town meeting with officials voicing complaints and grievances. Mayor Tammie Batchelor said that council member Chris Gillum, who is the council liaison to the park and rec department, would have to answer that. Gillum was absent from the council meeting.


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