Long lines for vaccines at health department

DOUBLE SPRINGS - Residents are coming from not just Winston but surrounding counties to get their COVID-19 vaccinations  on a walk-up basis, forming long lines stretching into the parking lot and around the sides of the Winston County Health Department, without having an appointment.
These residents, many of whom are older residents, have literally weathered rainy weather and cold temperatures by standing in lines outside the health department before it even opened for business, in order to be able to receive their vaccines, which have run out at other providers in Winston County.
One lady, who came with her husband Friday morning, Feb. 12, for him to receive his vaccination, said she had tried 10  other locations in attempts of scheduling an appointment to receive the vaccine, but either could not reach a person, did not have an option to register online, or found out the vaccine supply had run out.
The wife was able to receive her vaccination on Tuesday, Feb. 9, at the Winston County Health Department, finding longer lines standing outside due to pleasant weather conditions.

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