Delmar VFD acquires pumper from Waterloo Fire

This American LaFrance pumper was donated to the Delmar Volunteer Fire Department by the Waterloo Fire Department.

DELMAR - The brotherhood between firefighters is still alive and strong, and was proven once again recently when the Delmar Volunteer Fire Department was donated a pumper from the Waterloo Fire Department out of Lauderdale County.

The 1972 American LaFrance has a motor and transmission that were rebuilt in 1986 and a pump that was rebuilt in 2010.  The Waterloo department donated it to Delmar after a chance encounter between Waterloo's fire chief and two Delmar firefighters at a Florence restaurant.  Waterloo had donated sets of turnout gear to Delmar several years back, Delmar firefighters Ray Cantrell and Micah Ouellette both noted.  After discussing Delmar's needs, the Waterloo chief mentioned the possibility of donating the truck to Delmar.

"It was just by luck and the Good Lord we got this truck,"  Cantrell said.

After receiving the truck in early February, firefighters began working together to fully stock the pumper, which will be the first-rolled truck to a structure fire.  After putting Delmar's decals on it, the truck is now in service.

"We were blessed and Delmar was blessed to have this truck donated so we can serve the community,"  Ouellette said.

"We really appreciate Waterloo and their help.  The brotherhood is still strong,"  Cantrell added.

See complete story in the Northwest Alabamian.
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