Some Winston County roads upgrades from impassable to hazardous

WINSTON COUNTY - The following road update is from the Winston County Commission:

The “Impassable Travel Notice”will remain in effect again for Friday evening, January 19, for all Winston County roads with the exception of the below listed roads:

County Road 1

County Road 25

County Road 17

County Road 28

County Road 7 (Dime Road)

County Road 32

County Road 19

County Road 55

County Road 69 (Newburg Road)

County Road 11

County Road 93

County Road 77

County Road 41

County Road 14 (Sardis-Airport Rd.)

County Road 22

County Road 18

County Road 63 south of Highway 278 is open for travel. North of Highway 278, it remains impassable.

The above-listed roads have been placed under a hazardous travel advisory, as there could be isolated spots of black ice and bridges could still be slick. 

All roads not listed above rare still considered in an impassable status. For everyone's safety, we ask that you only travel for an emergency until we can lift the notice on the remaining roads.

See complete story in the Northwest Alabamian.
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