Nanney new Lynn Elementary principal

New Lynn Elementary Principal Michael Nanney, left, is replacing Brad Alsup, right who will now be working as director of alternative school and truancy for Winston County Schools.

LYNN   -  Lynn Elementary School is getting a new principal.
Brad Alsup is moving to the Winston County Schools Central Office to serve as alternative school and truancy director.  Alsup’s replacement will be Michael Nanney, current principal at Red Bay High School.
Nanney, who has spent a majority of his educational career working at school systems in Mississippi had retired from that state, but felt the need to continue his love for education in Alabama.
When Nanney saw the posting for the LES principal position, he sought to get back to working at the elementary level, something he did at school systems in Mississippi throughout his career.
“The community of Lynn reminds me a lot of what I am accustomed (to), the types of communities I have worked in,” Nanney stated. “I like being a part of a community.
“When I knew that I wanted to come over to Alabama, I did start thinking about places where I could fit and be a positive influence,” Nanney noted.   “Lynn is the type of community I have had experience with, just good people,” he said. “It seemed to be one of those places I was drawn to.”
Nanney is also drawn back to the elementary environment.
“I believe we all have callings,” he stated. “In education, I guess I have been my most comfortable me on the elementary level.
“Those kids, when they come in the door, they are glad to see

you. There’s a lot of opportunity to love and to care,” Nanney pointed out.
As Nanney prepares for the LES principal position, he spoke highly of Alsup for the job he has done in that position.
“One thing that makes you nervous going into a job is, there have been good people that you follow and you want to uphold what has been done in the past,” Nanney stated.
Nanney is looking forward to the transition into Lynn to meet not only the students, but staff and community in order to “set the vision for years to come,” he said.
“I have always been a firm believer that before a kid cares about what comes out of your mouth, what you’re trying to teach them, they’ve got  to know that you care,” Nanney pointed out.

A native of Itawamba County, Miss., Nanney graduated from Itawamba Agricultural High School in 1989 and went on to attend Itawamba Community College, then Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss., where he graduated in 1993 with a degree in secondary education with a speciality in biological science.
Nanney began his teaching career in 1994 at Tupelo High School, spending the remainder of his Mississippi career in the Itawamba County school district, where he was a teacher and coach for 4 1/2 years, he said.
From there, Nanney went into administration in 1999, as assistant principal, then principal at Itawamba Attendance Center,  a kindergarten-8th grade school.
In 2006, Nanney became principal at Itawamba Agricultural  High School and was promoted after two years to the central office as county athletic director, as well as director of the  Itawamba County Improvement Center.
In 2012, Nanney was elected as superintendent of education for Itawamba County Schools, a position he held for 6 1/2 years until retiring in 2018, working part-time at Itawamba Community College after that.
In the fall of 2021, Nanney began teaching in Alabama at Lamar County Schools, serving as a social studies teacher and assistant baseball coach at Vernon, then head baseball coach and social studies teacher at Sulligent.
Since 2022, Nanney has been principal at Red Bay High School.



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