Family of Former Mayor James Whitt honored

From left, members of the James Whitt family, from left, Carol Whitt, Heath Sutherland, Whitt Sutherland, Steve Whitt, Mona Whitt, Holly Sutherland, Will Sutherland, Murry Whitt, Kay Sunseri, Casey Whitt, Mayor Ken Sunseri.
HALEYVILLE - A special award was presented in memory of former mayor James Whitt, who was mayor of the city when the historical first 9-1-1 call was made in Haleyville on Feb. 16, 1968. The award was presented at the award banquet honoring first responders Thursday, May 31, at the Joint Armed Forces Reserve Center. Whitt passed away last year, but members of his family were honored by coming forward and receiving the award on his behalf. Haleyville City School Superintendent Dr. Holly Whitt Sutherland, granddaughter of James Whitt, told the audience, “On behalf of our family, we value the city very much. “We have invested and my family has invested a lot in the city, but we also believe that this city has invested a lot in our lives, and we’re blessed to be a part of this community,” Dr. Sutherland added. “We’re proud we are his family. We’re proud he gave back to this city and our entire family hopes and strives that...through us that you see the fact that he did love his community and his loved his community and he loved his God more than anything.”

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