Fire department responds to call at Lakeland hospital

Firefighters load up their equipment to leave the scene after the situation was brought under control.

HALEYVILLE - Smoke in the equipment room on the third floor of Lakeland Community Hospital brought response Thursday afternoon, Nov. 1, from the Haleyville Fire Department, to find smoke but no flames, according to Acting Chief Terrell Baccus.

“There was no actual blaze. It is was just smoke,” Baccus stated. The fire department rolled to the rear of Lakeland hospital with two pumpers, rescue unit and ladder truck, but no hoses were needed,as firefighters were able to bring the situation under control by turning off the power and using exhaust fans to draw out the smoke, firefighters said.

Smoke had filled one end of the hallway on the third floor, causing the patients in that area to be moved to another area of the building. No one was evacuated from the hospital.

The vacuum compressor machine in the equipment roomwas found smoking, according to Baccus, who reported everything under control as firefighters rolled back into service.

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