Overnight storms leave some residents in the dark

Update to original story:  As of 12:30 p.m., it appeared that all power had been restored to the areas mentioned within this story.

WINSTON/MARION - An overnight storm system that quickly swept through the area left some tree and power line damage in its wake, resulting in power outages that are still ongoing.

According to poweroutage.us, 981 residents of Winston County were without power as of 8:43 a.m. this morning.  166 residents were without power in Marion County.  The outages in Winston County are almost evenly split between the county's main power providers, with 456 Alabama Power customers without power and 525 Cullman Electric customers without power. 

In Marion County, it is mostly Alabama Power customers who are without power, a total of 166.  Seventy-five Tombigbee customers are without power.