Bridge on County Road 4 could be closed for months

Mounds of dirt and barricades have been placed on both sides of the bridge on County Road 4, which is now closed until repairs can be made to the pilings. The county is asking motorists to avoid this area and choose another route.

DOUBLE SPRINGS  -  The temporary closure of the bridge spanning Clear Creek on County Road 4 is resulting in motorists, as well as first responders, seeking alternate routes.
A routine inspection conducted by the Winston County Road Department  on Friday, May 21, found some issues of the steel piling or supports to the bridge that will require repair, noted Winston County Road Engineer James Glasgow.

“Until we repair that, we needed to close the bridge,” Glasgow said.
The road department is working with the Alabama Department of Transportation  on the repairs, road officials said.
Similar damage to a bridge on County Road 39 in 2014 took approximately three months to repair, according to Glasgow.
“The issue with the repairs on this bridge (on County Road 4) is there is so much water that goes down Clear Creek and how to handle that,” Glasgow stated.
Approval of the project plan by ALDOT will have to be given before the work can proceed, either with the work being done by the road department or contracted out, officials said.
“We are still in the initial phases of determining our plan of action,” Glasgow explained.  The bridge should be completed and reopened within three months or less, he added.
“If ALDOT will approve the repair, we can get moving,” he said. “We are going to make sure the repairs we do will be able to take the normal traffic loads.  The maximum legal load for vehicles crossing the County Road 4 bridge is approximately 80,000 pounds, road officials said.
The closure is about three miles from Highway 195 and approximately four miles from County Road 25.
People who live on the side of the bridge closest to Highway 195 will have to take that route on the east end, while those living on the County Road 25 side will have to take that route on the west side, Glasgow explained.
“We ask the public to respect the barricades and not cross the (barricades),” said Glasgow. “We’ve had an issue already of people moving the dirt we put in the way and the barricades  and crossing the bridge.”


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