Haleyville Public Library

Storm spotters needed in Winston County, says Spann

Head Librarian Carla Waldrep stands with Meteorologist James Spann amid the audience for Spann's presentation at Haleyville Public Library.

WINSTON COUNTY - Meteorologist James Spann has urged Winston County residents to become volunteer storm spotters through the National Weather Service’s SKYWARN® program.

“We do not have enough storm spotters in Winston County,” Spann told an audience at the Haleyville Public Library recently.

Storm spotters alert the National Weather Service (NWS) to weather hazards, particularly severe thunderstorms.

Juveniles confess to vandalism

Haleyville Librarian Carla Waldrep shows where the iron railing was removed from thestairwell behind the library.
HALEYVILLE - Haleyville Police are increasing patrols and re-enforcing rules to close off two parking lots where youth are congregating after another major vandalism incident.

Haleyville Library chosen for prestigious school readiness program

Using one kit from the Reimagining School Readiness Toolkit, Head Librarian Carla Waldrep practices color recognition and counting with local preschoolers. Ten different kits will be available to check out.
HALEYVILLE - Haleyville Public Library recently received the Reimagining School Readiness Toolkit, a set of ten kits each containing two to three books (21 in all) and materials for hands-on activities related to the books’ topics.

Downtown vandalized: merchants, tenants demand answers as police patrols increase

Haleyville Public Library Librarian Carla Waldrep points to a broken glass window in the former law office building of the late Jerry Jackson, which is located next to the library.
HALEYVILLE - Merchants and others along Main Street in downtown Haleyville are speaking out, requesting more action be taken after another incident of destruction of city property.