Sunseri to remain Haleyville Water Board chairman

Ken Sunseri

HALEYVILLE - A job held for several years will continue for another year, as Haleyville Mayor Ken Sunseri was re-elected chairman to the Haleyville Water Works and Sewer Board at their monthly meeting, Tuesday, Nov. 26.


All members were unanimous in the vote to keep Sunseri. The vote was called by Manager Lane Bates.
“I think he’s more familiar with the day-to-day operations,” board member Glen Roberts said at the meeting. The sentiment was echoed by other members.
In other business, the Manasco crossing is on track to being complete, according to Drew Thrasher, water superintendent. Water and sewer lines have been relocated, and a retaining wall was scheduled to be poured Nov. 27.
The crossing is off Newburg Road, and with heavy rain, it has been washed out numerous times. It is a private drive, but the water board uses the drive weekly to access a pump station located just beyond the crossing.


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