Truck hauling frozen chickens overturns on Newburg Road

The Freightliner overturned just off Newburg Road after going around a sharp curve.

FRANKLIN COUNTY - A  Freightliner hauling several thousand pounds of frozen chickens lost control in a sharp curve and overturned just off Newburg Road Wednesday morning, Oct. 28, injuring both the driver and passenger.

Gurmukh Singh, 60, of Fresno, California, driver of the Freightliner, was partially ejected through the front windshield of the rig and was rescued by passenger Sukehpal Singh, 23, also of Fresno, who had been able to escape through the busted out out windshield, he said.

Sukehpal noted the truck had come around a sharp curve on the Franklin County side of Newburg Road traveling toward Winston County, when it began to wobble then overturned off the right shoulder of the road. The truck landed on its side on a 20 foot embankment just off Newburg Road.

“The roof was popped open,” Sukehpal recalled. “I got out first then I helped him to get out.”

Both driver and passenger managed to escape the overturned truck, with Gurmukh suffering a couple of head injuries and Sukehpal suffering an arm and leg injury, they said. Injuries the driver and passenger sustained were due to the accident, they said, even through they got into briars and a barbed wire fence once they escaped the truck, they said.

Medics came on the scene and treated both the driver and passenger, but neither had to be transported for any further treatment, they said.

The truck was hauling roughly 30,000 pounds of frozen chickens from Pilgrims Pride in Russellville heading towards a poultry company in Martin, Mississippi, the passenger said.

A trooper from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency investigated the scene. A  man driving behind the Freightliner came upon the accident. “(The truck) was already laid down when I got here,” he said. “They were coming around the front of the truck when I got stopped.”

The bystander directed traffic until fire departments could arrive on the scene. The bystander had contacted Franklin County authorities when he came upon the accident.

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