Special box serves as blessing

Bob and Pam Masdon, residents of 9th Avenue in Haleyville, are hoping the blessing box set up in their front yard will become a trend in the area, where people take necessary items they need and give items back to replenish the box.

HALEYVILLE  -  Bob and Pam Masdon have opened up their hearts to help others with a blessing box, and are hoping this will become a pay-it forward experience throughout the entire community.
Those who pass by the Masdon residence at 2744 9th Avenue in Haleyville will see a neatly crafted wooden box with a plexiglass door in their front yard near the street.   A sign posted on the box’s door reads, ‘Take what you need, not what you want. Please give back to the box when you can.’
Bob said the idea for the box came from a news report he saw, where a lady from Michigan had a blessing box, which was stocked with non-perishable items, toiletries and other necessities to help others.
The idea is that people in need can come and take from the box only what they need, while the public is also encouraged to leave non-perishable donations in order to keep the box stocked.
The blessing box is designed, literally, to help the entire community, especially during the pandemic, which has posed an economic strain on many families.
The cabinet was built by Brian Aderholt and donated for the mission.
“It was a privilege and an honor to be able to help with this project,” Aderholt stated. “We hope this box serves as a blessing for other people.”
“We’re always looking for ways to help people, but especially now during this time,” added Bob.
 Hopefully, the blessing box idea will catch on and will be shared by local churches, businesses and homes in this mission to help others.




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