Governor Ivey honors Haleyville City and Winston County schools during visit

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey waves to the crowd as she exits the Winston County Courthouse and approaches the podium for the ceremony. Shown behind her is event emcee State Senator Greg Reed. On each side are students from schools that received the distinct designation of being named a Bicentennial School.

DOUBLE SPRINGS - Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's tour celebrating the state's bicentennial approaching this December, made a stop Wednesday, Oct. 2, at the Winston County Courthouse, where she was met with the patriotic fanfare that emphasized pride in the county and of the state.

Governor Ivey made tribute to schools across Winston County, but primarily those which have received the distinct designation of being named a Bicentennial school, including all schools in the Haleyville City Schools district, as well as Winston County High School in Double Springs and Meek High School in Arley.

State Senator Greg Reed emceed the event, held on the front lawn of the courthouse, with students comprising the schools with Bicentennial status lining the upper courthouse steps and students from schools across the county and school officials as the audience creating a sea of patriotic colors that expanded into Blake Drive.

Key officials such as Superintendents  of both HCS and WCS as well as mayors of municipalities across Winston County, the state legislative delegation representing Winston County as well as American Legion officials had special seating on the courthouse lawn.

Governor Ivey hailed the great state of Alabama and all schools in honor of the state's 200th birthday. As part of the ceremony, Governor Ivey was presented keys to the city for both Double Springs (by DS Mayor Elmo Robinson) and from State Representative Tim Wadsworth, noting the key was unlock industry on the county's east side. J.D. and Theresa Snoddy Snoddy presented an arrangement of flowers to Governor Ivey on behalf of the Winston County Arts Council.

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