Storm Shelter

Governor's Emergency Relief fund provides match for storm shelter

Pictured at the site of the new storm storm shelter in the Ashridge area, from left, community residents and Ladies Auxiliary members Sheila Miller, Geraldine Jetton, Joe Ann Durham, Bonnie Tidwell, Renee Baker, with her grandson, State Representative Tim Wadsworth, Ashridge Assistant Fire Chief Roger Watts, Dr. Nicole Jones, Gene Baccus, Probate Judge Sheila Moore, Commission Chairman Roger Hayes, Commissioner David Cummings, EMA Director A.J. Brown.
ASHRIDGE - A storm shelter for the Ashridge community has become a reality, thanks to Governor Kay Ivey’s emergency relief fund for the sole purpose of providing matching funds for storm shelters across the state.

Scary sight in the sky in Haleyville Tuesday night as city dodges bullet during tornado warning

This photo shared with the Alabamian shows what appears to be a funnel cloud passing through the northern portion of the city of Haleyville just past Goar's Market.

HALEYVILLE - Residents of Winston and Marion counties were placed under Tornado Warnings earlier this evening, with many Haleyville residents seeing what appeared to be a funnel cloud on the northern side of the city in the vicinity of Highway 13 North and Kelly Hill.  Several photos and videos were shot of the ominous cloud as hundreds poured into the city's storm shelters.  The City of Haleyville had created a plan earlier in the day regarding how to operate the storm shelters in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the plan appears to have worked. 

Bear Creek addressing storm shelter issues

Instead of being stocked with necessary water, food and other supplies, the storage room is piled high with junk.
BEAR CREEK - The day after a deadly EF-4 tornado wreaked havoc in Lee County- leaving mass destruction and 23 dead in its wake - weather preparedness, or the lack of it, was the major topic for Mayor Tammie Batchelor at the Bear Creek Council’s...